Intelligent energy systems for your buildings
- made simple.

Full control and maximum efficiency thanks to remote control, optimisation and sector coupling.

Green fusion

Future-proof energy management

Whether it's a simple heating system or networked systems, an existing building or a new one, a house, a block of flats or an entire neighbourhood, Green Fusion makes your energy management future-proof.
- 20%
Energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions
Energy systems are already benefiting
Maintenance and fault clearance

With Green Fusion, you monitor, control, analyse and optimise your plant - easily, in real time and from anywhere.


Have your system not only in view but under control; at any time and from anywhere.

Thanks to clear process visualisation and modern control technology, you always have your plant fully under control.
Make informed decisions: Durch die übersichtliche Visualisierung detaillierter Echtzeitdaten sind Sie stets über alle Aspekte Ihres Energiesystems informiert.
Realise savings potentials immediately: Optimieren Sie Ihre Anlage direkt und punktgenau, um Verbräuche zu minimieren und Geld, Energie und CO2 zu sparen.

Intervene in the energy system as needed; independent of location, immediately and without travelling.

Thanks to the intuitive remote control via web app, you avoid unnecessary trips and can concentrate on the optimal operation of your system - saving money, time and nerves.
Making ideal use of manpower and time: Operate your system optimally and conveniently from a distance, saving unnecessary journeys and creating satisfied staff.
Integrate existing hardware easily: Make your existing hardware fit for the future by expanding it with smart control and operating it in a consumption-optimised way.

Problem detected, failure averted: React to system malfunctions quickly and in a targeted manner.

Thanks to the digital alarm by e-mail or SMS, you are immediately and comprehensively informed in case of an emergency.
Take the right measures in a targeted manner: Thanks to detailed fault reports, you can react quickly and adequately.
Quick intervention minimises failures: Correct malfunctions immediately, thus failures can often be prevented and maintenance costs minimised.

Unlock optimisation potential through holistic consideration and automated analysis.

No two systems are the same: Recognise and take into account the specific characteristics of your system.
Start a continuous optimisation process: Improve your system by identifying inefficiencies and potential problems.
Initiate energy transition and save money: Optimise the use of multiple energy sources and save several times over.

Remotely monitor your energy usage

Green Fusion Visualisation is the perfect way to remotely monitor your energy usage and make more informed decisions about your energy consumption.
Accurate real-time data: See exactly where your energy is being used and how it is flowing through your home or office.
Save money and CO2: Have the knowledge how to make changes to your energy usage to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Trusted management of all parameters

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
Interoperable: Green Fusion Control is interoperable with almost all hardware, so you can use it with the devices you already have.
Easy to use: Users do not need special training to use Green Fusion. The Software is intuitive, whilst still giving users the ability to control everything.
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Get alarms for your systems immediately.

Green Fusion Alarming is the perfect way to stay on top of your energy system.
Know exactly what the problem is: With Green Fusion Alarming, you'll know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it, so you can get back to using energy the way you want to.
Notifications via email and SMS: Notifications via email or sms ensure that you're always aware of what's going on.

Good strategy comes from reliable data.

With Green Fusion Analytics, you can see exactly how your energy system is performing at all times, identify inefficiencies and potential problems, and make informed decisions about how to improve your overall energy efficiency.
Identify inefficiencies and potential improvements in your system.
Make informed decisions about optimizing your energy usage and saving money.
HOW YOU profit

Integrated, scalable and flexible - Green Fusion

Control your heating systems intelligently.
under control
Well informed, you can ensure that your system is always running smoothly, allowing you peace of mind.
Monitor and control your system via a modern and intuitive web app, easily and conveniently.
Economical &
Drive decarbonisation and save money by making optimal use of energy sources and minimising CO2 emissions.
Safe according
to latest standards
Rely on a secure and powerful data transfer based on the currently most modern communication standard OPC-UA.
Just keep using the hardware you have or prefer, perfectly powered by our smart control.
Lay the foundation for a holistic and future-oriented energy system that can combine heat, electricity and e-mobility.
Labour &
Focus on value-adding activities and avoid unnecessary trips, repairs and high wear and tear.
Flexibility &
Modular architecture, open source and open APIs, offer you the greatest possible versatility in terms of use, integration and expandability - your investment is thus sustainably secured.


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Why should I monitor and optimise my heating system at all?

Remote monitoring and alarming allows you to detect any problems that occur immediately and to rectify them without delay - in most cases, a malfunction can even be avoided altogether in this way. The smart control of your system also enables you to reduce your energy consumption quickly, easily and cost-effectively, i.e. you save money and energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Is an upgrade also worthwhile for existing, old heating systems, such as gas boilers? And is this technically possible at all?

Yes, even with simple systems, such as the classic gas boiler or district heating, intelligent monitoring and control are worthwhile, as these are often operated inefficiently. This is also usually not a problem from a technical point of view, as the communication module required for this can be retrofitted easily and inexpensively.

Can I reduce my CO2 tax by using Green Fusion?

Yes, of course, by significantly reducing the consumption of gas or oil, considerable savings can be made on the CO2 tax. This applies equally to landlords and tenants.

Which heating systems and heat pumps from which manufacturers can be integrated?

Our solution is technology and platform agnostic, i.e. we are completely hardware and manufacturer-independent. Existing, suitable hardware can therefore usually simply be reused.

What are my advantages at a glance?

Significant energy savings
Significant cost savings, including:  
- Reduced CO2 taxes    
- Reduced energy costs    
- Reduced maintenance and fault clearance work    
- Reduced equipment wear
Intelligent fault management creates less work Satisfied tenants, fewer complaints
Increased asset value thanks to future-proof building controls

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